WridgWays Furniture Removals Melbourne

wridgways furniture removals melbourne



WridgWays furniture removalists have helped thousands of people from Australia and all over the world make their ‘big move’.

We provide the same VIP service to every single customer. That’s why we’ve been leaders in the removalist business since 1892.

Whether you’re moving locally, or abroad, we understand that moving house is a deeply personal experience.

We offer a simple, carefree moving solution, through our clear and convenient moving services. To manage your move, we will connect you with our dedicated move coordinators.


They’ll help arrange and manage your entire moving journey, right down to the little details.


We believe in having a familiar team to turn to throughout the process. Crafting personalised journeys is what we do best, because we want to make your relocation as efficient as possible.




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26-40 Nina Link, Dandenong South Vic 3175