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Solar Benefits

“For as little as $800 you can have energy efficient hot water added to your new Right Properties home”.   Ask our friendly staff for more information.

Our products are so efficient they attract one of the highest government incentives designed to encourage Australians to change the way they heat their water – by going solar.   What this means for you is that, in effect, the government is indirectly paying for the solar components and all you have to pay is roughly the same as you would for an electric or gas guzzling conventional water heater.

The government wants you to switch to solar for environmental reasons. The big benefit for you is that you also enjoy ongoing savings of hundreds of dollars a year compared with the costs of installing and running an old technology water heater, especially electric hot water systems. Solar is the way to go. SAVE WITH SOLAR ENERGY!

Saving hundreds of dollars on your household energy bills every year while helping to save the environment makes good sense. Your hip-pocket will thank you? the government will thank you? and your children and grandchildren will thank you.

 Let the sun shine in: If you’re not using the sun to heat the hot water in your home, not only are you wasting your money, you’re also contributing to global warming. Old technology conventional water heaters are mostly the biggest energy users in the home and can contribute up to 7 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually.
People who install new solar panels and solar systems, or convert their existing tanks to solar hot water systems, are not only saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs, they’re also cutting their greenhouse emissions by 3 to 5 tonnes a year.    The old myths that you run short of hot water when the sun doesn’t shine or that it takes a long time to install a solar hot water system are just that myths. While most of the energy comes free from the sun, electric or gas boosters automatically cut in if the weather turns bad, so there’s always plenty of hot water, and a solar system installation can be completed in a matter of hours.

A key factor is the all-copper design of the solar panels. Not only is copper the best conductor of heat, it also goes the distance so far as longevity is concerned. So our customers not only save the most in the long run, they also get the highest government rebates. They look good too! There is a diverse range of solar panel models means there is no need for any ugly bulge up on the roof.



The longer your solar air conditioner  runs… the more efficient it becomes!

Solar Air Conditioning: Available  in Wall Mounted Split Systems or Ducted Systems.

Saving you up to 80% in energy usage  …. The longer it runs the more benefit you have from the solar energy system.  Can run at the cost of  a 30amp light globe  …  The 3.5k.W Split system uses just 30 watts of power (the same as your light in your refrigerator) to up to 80%of the operating time once stability is reached.Similar purchase & installations  prices … you’ll be surprised to learn that cost of our Solar Air-conditioners is  only a little more than  branded  electricity-only  AC systems.  Quieter than traditional systems  as the Solar Air-conditioner’s compressor is running much less often than electricity-only systems.Professional Installation across Australia  by qualified,  licensed and approved  refrigeration  mechanics, electricians and tradespeople.




Invest in a Solar-Thermal Powered Air Conditioning System for the future!

Reduce your power bill and stay cool


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