Renovating Tips Painting

Renovating Tips Painting

RenovateLocal has some simple tips that will help you get the most from your painting job &
ensure you get a smooth professional looking finish

Keep Acrylic Paints moist & workable & avoid painting in very hot weather as acrylic paint drys very fast, pour a smaller quantity
into your paint tray to avoid it drying out & leaving streaks on your painting surface.

Keep a piece of paper towel or cloth & some water beside you as you paint & wipe your brushes each time you rinse them.

This prevents water drops running down the brush & on to the painting surface causing blotches.

Blending Acrylic Paint, as acrylics dry rapidly, you will need need to work fast if you want to blend colours.
If you’re working on paper, dampening the paper will increase your working time.

When painting hard edges masking tape can be put onto and removed from dried acrylic paint without damaging an existing layer.

This makes it easy to produce a hard or sharp edge. Make sure the edges of the tape are stuck down firmly and don’t paint too thickly on the edges
or you won’t get a clean line when you lift it.

When your painting job runs into a second day & you dont have time to clean your brush or roller simply place it in a plastic bag , seal it & store
it in the freezer overnight. Next day just place the brush or roller in some hot water & rinse, then you are ready to start painting again.