Renovatelocal Renovating Tips

Renovatelocal Renovating Tips

Welcome to our first series of tips on renovatiing which we hope will assist you in completing
your renovation project seamlessly & on time

There is a lot of information out there already on renovating & at Renovatelocal we will bring together the best & most up to date information   in one handy location where it is easy for you to access.

In this first series, Renovatelocal will focus on some general renovation advice but in later series we will look closely at bathrooms, kitchens, lighting & much much more

Renovating a home is by any stretch a major task. The kitchen & the bathroom are normally the projects to be undertaken first

It is difficult to complete a renovation on time even if you dont live in the home you are renovating.

The advice here comes from   Bill, a friend of mine who has renovated 6 homes in the past 5 years.

This may be difficult for people on a tight budget or who have a young family but its definately worth

Bill’s advice, If at all possible dont live in the house while it is being renovated.

It almost doubles the time taken to complete the renovation.

If at all possible move in with the inlaws, parents or whatever while you are renovating.

By taking this simple step you should be able to move into your newly renovated home in
less than half the normal time