One of the most visible renovation projects relates to flooring. And no one knows that better than the experts here at Renovatelocal!

Whether you are a small business, a large corporation or a homeowner; or whether it is a home, office or industrial or commercial space. Enhancements made to the floors of your property not only strike visitors and guests immediately upon their arrival, but also helps greatly enhance the value of your property!

And since floors are subject to some of the most sustained use across every type of building or structure, floor related solutions need to ensure that they can withstand such usage: They need to be rugged, durable and long-lasting. And that’s something Renovatelocal in Sydney knows a lot about!



Our flooring specialists have scoured Sydney and its surrounding suburbs and neighbourhoods to bring together the most comprehensive directory listing of synthetic, artificial and natural floors and related products, supplies and services for you. At Renovatelocal Sydney, we’ve differentiated ourselves from the competition by providing:

  • The most diverse range of floor-related products and services
  • The highest quality solution providers in the business
  • The most conveniently located outlets and service providers for Sydney residents, businesses and building and construction professionals
  • The most competitive pricing available anywhere – guaranteed!

When you search our exhaustive database of floors and related solutions, you’ll see that we have painstakingly researched hundreds of suppliers to ensure that our visitors receive best of breed flooring solutions.

Whether it’s to install new floors, or to help revive and revitalize existing floors across your home, office or commercial or industrial facility; you’ll find the most appropriate partner to help with your restoration projects right here!



Here at Renovatelocal, you’ll find the most exhaustive listing of some of the most impressive floor product and solution providers:

  • Timber: If you want to create unique-looking floors, then timber is the best material that Mother Nature provides us to do just that. With planks of timber joined together across the floor, the grains and knots in each plank create unique and distinctive floors that can vary from light, mild to dark hues.
  • Laminate: Crave timber flooring but don’t quite have the budget for it? Don’t worry! At Renovatelocal we’ve got laminate floors that can give timber a run for your money! With unbelievable timber-like finishes, these floors look and feel just like timber. Even a close look won’t be able to tell the difference – guaranteed!
  • Bamboo: So, you really want a hard-wood floor, but are looking for something less pricey which, at the same time, offers your home or office a rich hardwood floor experience? Once again, you’ve come to the right place. Bamboo floors are growing in popularity and with today’s technology, they are a tough and durable solution for interior floors. Best of all, bamboo is harvested in environmentally friendly environments, giving bamboo floor owners the peace of mind that they are friends of the environment when they choose to use bamboo.
  • Vinyl: Is your home, office, showroom or industrial complex heavily trafficked? Are you looking for a low-budget, low-maintenance option for your floors? Here at Renovatelocal we’ve put together some of Sydney’s best providers of vinyl floors. Technological advances have made today’s vinyl flooring solutions mimic the look of some of the best stone and timber floors. You want choice? From stone, whitewashed or distressed timber, plain tile or dark marble – now you can find them all here at Renovatelocal!
  • Tiles: The feeling of walking across a tiled floor is indescribable – but only if the quality is dependable and the installation highly professional. At Renovatelocal, you can find some of Sydney’s finest Ceramic, Mosaic and Porcelain tile suppliers – all under one roof. Simple and quick to install, easy to maintain, and durable and long lasting in life, tiled flooring is the most common all across Australia and the world.
  • Rugs: So, you want something less “permanent” for your space? Something that you can change to tone up or down the mood, or something that can lighten or brighten your living or working space? Try rugs. Available in literally hundreds of styles, colours, sizes and textures, rugs can help define (and redefine) floor spaces quickly and economically. Best of all, they can be changed, repositioned and repurposed, making rug flooring one of the most versatile solutions out there today.
  • Carpets: The mother of all floor overlays, carpets are probably one of the best known options when it comes to enhancing the look of residential and commercial floor spaces. Available in various colours and textures, carpets can easily be used to add depth and dimension to a space, or to match existing furnishing and décor. At Renovatelocal Sydney, you’ll get access to a wide range of carpet providers.




When it comes to creating impressive floors, it’s not just what you start with, but often how you finish that counts. Here at Renovatelocal, you’ll find some of Sydney Metro’s (and its surrounding areas) best timber floor polishing and sanding experts to help ensure your new floors look shiny and impressive.

So, what if you have an existing floor area that needs a bit of TLC to make it come to life? Well – we’ve got your back there too! Simply search Renovatelocal’s extensive directory listing for experienced floor restoration service professionals, and you’re all done. The experts you find here will help restore and rejuvenate your floors, saving you a tone of money in floor replacement and installation costs.

  • Installation: From laying hardwood and vinyl floors, to installing tiles and other artificial and natural floors, at Renovatelocal you’ll have access to some of the best installation services available.
  • Maintenance: Need your carpets and rugs maintained? Want your timber and bamboo floors polished or restored? We’ve got you covered! Simply search our database and select the most appropriate flooring renovation and maintenance service provider!
  • Polishing: Not all types of floors can be treated the same. Each floor has its own unique personality. While one may need a waterbase treatment, others may require solvent based finishes or solid or natural oil treatments. The professionals listed here on Renovatelocal know all about breathing new life into your floors.

Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial flooring solutions that you are looking for, Renovatelocal has made it easier than ever to zero in on a solution provider. When you start your search, you’ll be impressed by the extensive list of product and service providers that we have compiled – all of them high-class professionals!

But we didn’t just stop at building the most comprehensive directory of flooring suppliers and product vendors – we went much further! Our advanced search functions have put the power into your hands to locate Sydney’s best resources simply and effectively.

We’ve built tools and features within our site to help our visitors save time and effort when looking for solutions that they need. From zeroing in on specific product categories, down to searching a specific geographic area – everything we’ve done is with the aim of bringing simplicity and efficiency to the process. Whether you are in Metro Sydney, Southern Sydney or Central Sydney, you can narrow your search for flooring professionals – down to your specific area of interest – and select a service provider nearest to you.