Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips 1

As a homeowner or a potential homeowner you would be aware that energy costs are one of the largest expenses you will incur in the monthly family budget

Electricity costs in particular have soared in the last year & there appears
to be no end in sight with more increases on the way

Renovatelocal over the coming months will show you many ways you can
reduce your monthly electricity costs without compromising on performance, you dont have to live in the dark in the winter months ahead

On average 75% of electricity used for home electronic appliances is when they are turned off!

This might come as a shock to most but while you are asleep your electrical appliances that are plugged in are quietly consuming power & running up your electricity bill
You cannot turn off the refigerator but what about the tv, the dvd player, the sound system?
If you own a laptop & need to leave it on make sure it is set to sleep mode

The average desktop computer will consume around 60 – 250 watts
( If you use an older style CRT monitor it will be higher)

A laptop on average will consume around 30 – 50 watts

If you are not using your laptop for extended periods it is best to switch it off!

In sleep mode your laptop will consume around 3 watts, a significant reduction

If you need a desktop consider an LCD monitor, it will consume far less that conventional monitors

When upgrading your pc or any electrical equipment now more than ever with ever increasing energy costs your need to consider how much energy they will consume.

In the long run its worth it if you have to pay a bit more to purchase an appliance with the best energy rating

The extra cost will be recouped many times over in the months & years ahead throught reduced energy bills

In our next energy saving tips Renovatelocal will look at this more closely & the different energy rating codes & what they mean mean & how to choose the one thats right for you