Energy Saving Tips 2

In previous articles we discussed why its so important   to consider energy saving
today & the impact it has on the monthly budget. Reduce your energy consumption & you will reduce your energy costs.

We also looked at Energy Labeling & what it means so you can decide which it the right appliances for   your home & budget

Now we will look at some other things you can do which will further reduce your monthly energy consumption

Replace your old refrigerator if possible within 10 years. As your old refrigerator    approaches   10 years or less it will consume twice as much energy as a new   star energy efficient model
Defrost your refrigerator & freezer as soon as you get ice build up as your appliance
needs to work harder to maintain the temperature
Place weatherstrips around windows & doors, this prevents your appliance from working overtime  to produce more heat or cooling that has escaped

Replace faulty plumbing & leaking taps, a single leaking hot water tap can waste 6
600 litres of      water per month.   This not only increases your water bill but also increases your gas or electric bill   to heat the water

When using the dishwasher, wash only when it is full & use the shortest cycle possible to get the dishes  clean.

Leave the door open & avoid using the drying cycle, Try using the dishwasher last thing at night then your dishes are dry & ready to use the following morning.

Save $$$$$ on Heating & Cooling costs forever ……

Let “Shading Solutions” show you how it’s possible to maintain 10-15% cooler in summer & warmer in winter by installing our Aluminium External Louvre’s.   You can stop the sun & UV rays while not affecting the view by just altering the angel of the blades.   “Shading Solutions” can save you $$$$ on your electricity bills.