Energy Saving Tips 3

Energy Rating labeling has been around since 1986 in NSW & VIC

Renovatelocal Energy  Rating

Now more than ever with ever increasing energy costs we need to consider the energy efficiency of any appliance that we purchase.

The Energy Rating Label works two ways, firstly it allows you the consumer to
compare the energy efficiency of domestic appliances but it also provides an incentive to the manufacturer to improve the energy performance of the apppliances they produce

It is now compulsory in all states to provide an Energy Rating Label for refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers , air conditioners when they appear for sale .

Most tv’s now also carry an Energy Saving Rating especially since the introduction of plasma tv’s a few years back & more recently LCD tv’s

The Energy Rating Label explains two important features:

The star rating on the label gives an assessment of the appliances energy efficiency (the more stars the better)

The comparative energy consumption (usually kilowatt hours/year) provides an estimate of the annual energy consumption of the appliance
based on the tested energy consumption and information about the typical use of the appliance in the home.

Airconditioners show the power consumption of the appliance (kW or kWh/hour).

The Star Rating of an appliance is determined from the energy consumption and size of the product.

These values are measured under Australian Standards which define test procedures for measuring energy consumption and minimum energy performance criteria.

Appliances must meet these criteria before they can be granted an Energy Rating Label.