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Energy Saving Tips 2

In previous articles we discussed why its so important   to consider energy saving today & the impact it has on the monthly budget. Reduce your energy consumption & you will reduce your energy costs. We also looked at Energy Labeling & what it means so you can decide which it the right appliances for […]

Energy Saving Tips 3

Energy Rating labeling has been around since 1986 in NSW & VIC Now more than ever with ever increasing energy costs we need to consider the energy efficiency of any appliance that we purchase. The Energy Rating Label works two ways, firstly it allows you the consumer to compare the energy efficiency of domestic appliances […]

Renovatelocal Energy Saving Tips 1

As a homeowner or a potential homeowner you would be aware that energy           costs are one of the largest expenses you will incur in the monthly family budget Electricity costs in particular have soared in the last year & there appears to be no end in sight with more increases […]

Renovatelocal Renovating Tips

Welcome to our first series of tips on renovatiing which we hope will assist you in completing your renovation project seamlessly & on time There is a lot of information out there already on renovating & at Renovatelocal we will bring together the best & most up to date information   in one handy location […]