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Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation is one of Sydney’s leading bathroom designing and Renovation Company. Apart from latest designs relating to bathrooms renovations including kitchen and other parts of the building.Some of our products and designs are the latest Vanities, Tiles, Shower Screens, Electrical & Heating Products, Toilet Systems, Taps, and Bathtubs & Spas.

Our other expertise is in renovations, including interior as well as exterior of a building. We do tiling, floors, stonework, plumbing, electric work and masonry work of any kind. Our long experience in the bathroom designs and renovations is guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

Advanced bathroom & Renovation provides bathroom products and designs plus the renovations relating to all parts of the building under one roof. So make sure you visit our showroom for the aesthetic bathroom designs and services.

Our Product

At Advanced Bathroom Design & Renovation, we offer wide range of high quality products.We design your bathroom or any other rooms which requires renovation.We also supply and fix the following

Products: Vanities, Tiles, Shower Screens, Electrical & Heating Products, Toilet Systems, Taps, Bathtubs & Spas

    Our Wide Range of Services Includes the following

We are skilled in laying all types of Victorian floors. Whether it be inside hallways, outside pathways, gardens surrounds, etc.

We are providing qualified work in Stonework and fixing these types of stone – Limestone, Sandstone, Terracotta and many more.

We can tile anything in ceramic, from your private bathroom splash backs, to larger construction, hotel refurbishments, etc.

We can fix and mason all types of marble including polishing, forming, mechanical fixing, etc.

We are qualified in fixing all makes e.g. glass, porcelain, ceramic, stone, whether it be paper fronted or Hessian backed, from bathroom to specially designed architectural design

We can lay vitrified polish or matte finish for all kind of area whether it be inside or outside.

All types, shapes and sizes of slate work carried out by our trained craftsmen.


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